About Us

Charging Kick exists to help everyone who is looking for the perfect power bank and other types of charging solutions. With the abundance of portable chargers on the market, it’s not easy to find the power bank that meets your expectations. An average person without significant knowledge, can be easily confused and overwhelmed by terminology and marketing tricks. In consequence, you might not get a suitable power bank and waste your hard-earned money.

Here in Charging Kick, we want to fill up this gap and help you to find the power bank you need. We test each power bank, showing the real capabilities. We break all difficult terminology down to plain English. Real-life examples, testing charging phones demonstrate what you can expect after purchasing the power bank.

With this knowledge, it will be easier for you to make a sensible decision about your future purchase.

How Do We Review Products?

On the Web there are thousands of websites with fake reviews. It’s difficult to find websites with in-depth reviews, with practical tests. Those ones with a true value are rare. In Charging Kick we want to be the one with the true value, go-to place for power banks and other charging devices.

This Is How We Rate The Products

Power & Performance

This is the key part of a power bank. In reviews we cover all the most important elements that make up the performance of the device. In our tests we check the battery quality, charging and recharging abilities, amount of energy to use, and many more.

The capacity test allows us to check the real battery capacity. The advertised capacity is not the precise amount of energy that can be used to charge your devices. Due to converting energy from 3.7V (power bank’s battery voltage) to 5V (USB’s voltage) roughly ⅓ of advertised capacity is gone. Discharging a power bank and recording the exact amount of energy, we can tell the real battery capacity - the amount of energy available to use in power banks.

Another smportant test is output charging, which means charging mobile phones and other electronic devices. Since this is the main purpose of a power bank, this element is the most important. Manufacturers blow their own trumpets with the shortest charging time. However, does it really charge within promised time? It’s easy to verify, simply by charging a couple mobile phones.

For this reason, we use two mobiles phones:

  • Huawei P10 with a battery of 3200 mAh (Huawei SuperCharge)
  • Samsung S8 with a battery of 3000mAh (Adaptive Fast Charging)

Both phones support fast-charging technology.

To record data (current, voltage, mAh) we use the USB tester.

The test shows the real charging capability of a power bank. For this we use all available ports, different cables and also charge phones simultaneously, if this option is available.

Last, but not least, input charging test, which means recharging a power bank. We charge empty power banks until they reach 100%. For this test we use two different chargers:

All these tests show the true performance on a power bank. Real-life examples, testing charging phones demonstrate what you can expect after purchasing the power bank.

Design & Build

The appearance and material of a power bank are other important aspects. You don’t want a power bank that falls to pieces after a few usage or is incredibly heavy and unwieldy. For this reason, we profoundly check the design and build of a tested device.

We particularly pay attention to:

  • Size and dimension
  • Design
  • Material
  • Available colors
  • Layout
  • Overall feeling

With above information and numerous photos, you won’t get a pig in a poke.


In the last part we focus on the technology. There are numerous available technologies, which increase the charging speed, safety and battery efficiency, such as PowerIQ, VoltageBoost, MultiProtect safety system, to name a few. For someone who isn’t into the topic, it can be confusing. Therefore, in reviews, we break this down and explain each used technology in understandable language, highlighting the pros and cons.

Since the technology evolves all the time, having the newest and the most advanced will benefit you greatly, whereas old ones might not be even compatible with newest devices or at least not highly efficient.

Final Score

Each review part is scored from 1 to 5. Five is the highest score. Once we add them up and divide by three, we get the final score.

How Can You Support Charging Kick?

Our support is free of charge! You won’t spend even a penny. Our main source of revenue is Amazon’s Affiliate Program.

Whenever you decide to purchase a product through the links on the website, we get a commission from the value of the purchased product. You won’t get charged anything extra!

If you find our reviews helpful, click on one of the affiliate links of the product you’re interested in. This little help and appreciation, will help us to keep running the website and provide you more in-depth reviews, products lists and educational articles.