How to Use Your Power Bank For The First Time?

How to use a power bank for the first time? Should I charge it or not before the first use? How to keep it maintained? Many questions without the right answers. I decided to take a closer look at these matters and once and for all crack this case.

Read a User’s Manual

I know, who does it? You receive your power bank or any other thing you were waiting for, and you want to try it as soon as possible. Most of the time, you will not even touch a manual or just skim it through. But if you want to use your power bank properly and maintain it for a long time, this should be the first step. Although power banks are built the same or are very similar, there might be some variation.

While reading a manual, pay close attention at:

  • Power level indicators are usually four blue lights, indicating the energy level of a power bank. If four of them are flashing, it means that a battery is fully charged.

  • Specifications - the exact battery capacity, input/output voltage, size, weight, and any device features.

  • Maintenance instructions - how to store a power bank, the appropriate way of charging, and anything else to extend the life of your power bank.

  • The warranty period.

Charge a Power Bank Before the First Use?

You have your new power bank in your hand - can you use it right away or charge it first? Opinions are divided. In the last chapter, I recommended checking a user manual. You might find an answer to the above question. Every manufacturer might recommend a different way for their products.

However, if the manufacturer doesn’t specify it, I recommend charging it to full. Rarely a power bank will be completely empty when purchased. Not only it is safe for a device itself, but also a fully charged power bank will allow you to test the capacity.

Most of the battery systems come with an overcharge protection circuit. It protects your power bank’s battery from getting overcharged. The integrated under-voltage protection circuit protects a battery from being overused. Leaving a power bank charging overnight should be safe and won’t damage the device.

The initial battery level might vary; it mostly depends on the time since the last charge. Some of the power banks might be waiting for a buyer for months.

However, if you have to use a power bank right after a purchase, is it safe to use it? Absolutely! It should not significantly affect battery life. The full charge after purchasing is only a recommendation unless a user’s manual says otherwise.

Using the power bank for the first time

It is not rocket science. As long as a power bank has enough power and you have an appropriate cable - plug one end to a power bank and another one into your electronic device, e.g. a mobile phone.

More and more power banks have more than one USB port, especially those with higher battery capacity. It allows you to charge more than one device at the same time. Furthermore, output ports might deliver different amounts of power, e.g. 1A, 2A, etc. The higher Amps, the faster a device will be charged. To find out more about it, read the article Charging Terminology.

It is advised to use USB cables that originally came with your power bank. It will guarantee the best efficiency. However, cables have very wide compatibilities, so as long as it is the same type of cable, you will be able to charge your device. Please avoid using low-quality or/and damaged cables because it might slow down the charging process or even damage a power bank.

Good Practices

Since you spend your hard-earned money on a power bank, it is worth using it responsibly to extend its lifespan. The main tips:

  • Avoid draining the battery completely. Keep it at least 20 percent, ideally 40 percent. If it is below, recharge it.

  • Keep it away from very high or low temperatures.

  • Avoid keeping your power bank in a discharged state for long periods. Lithium-ion batteries are gradually losing their capacity over time, and a discharged state hastens it.

  • While not in use for a long time, make sure to recharge it every 2-3 months.

To Sum Up

Power banks are not very complicated devices, and most of them work the same. Keep them charged, use quality cables, avoid high temperatures, and you will be able to use your power bank daily for many years.