7 Tips to Power Bank Good Practice and Maintenance

A conscious consumer, who spends wisely money and is eco-oriented, pays not only attention while purchasing a product but also during the usage. A power bank is not an exception. A high-quality power bank costs a substantial amount of money; therefore, using it wisely will last long.

The Li-ion or lithium polymer batteries in power banks have a fixed life cycle of nearly 500 charging cycles, and the batteries begin to degrade after that. However, inappropriate usage will even speed up this process.

There are a few, the most important tips to follow that will keep your power bank on the highest level for a long time.

Keep a Power Bank at 40% Charge, unless You Use it Daily

Frequently people use their power bank occasionally - mainly trips. But once they are back home, power banks might be either fully charged or completely dead. Neither is suitable for battery life. Lithium-ion and Lithium-polymer batteries are very vulnerable to this level of the battery. In the long run, it will have horrible consequences for your power bank. It might damage batteries, limit efficiency, and completely damage a power bank in the worst-case scenario.

To avoid it, keep a power bank battery level between 40 and 50%. It should be enough to hold a battery charged for an extended period without damaging a device. Keep two lights blinking amongst 4 - as most of the power banks have - and your device will be safe.

Don’t Let a Power Bank to Overheat or Freeze

Whether it is hot or frost, any extreme temperature will damage your power bank or, in the worst scenario, destroy it completely. It is vital to store it in a suitable condition.

The best temperature for power banks is at room temperature (60 to 80 degrees Fahrenheit or 20-28 degrees Celsius).

Also, them away from moisture, dust, or mud - an excessive exposure of any of these might lead to permanent damage.

Do Not Use Pass-Through Charging

For those who don’t know the term “Pass-Through Charging”, this feature allows charging your devices while the power bank itself is being charged simultaneously. It can be handy if you have to charge a few devices at the same time, but have only one charger. However, it down batteries very fast and should be used only when it’s needed.

Use only Short and High-Quality Cables for Charging Devices

Frequently overlooked factor, but extremely important. a short and high-quality cable will significantly differ for charging time and life-time of power banks.

Long and low-quality cables waste a significant amount of current. It leads to higher resistance. For most users, longer cable means higher convenience. It is more comfortable to keep a power bank in your pocket instead of in your hand, right? Well, this is the price.

your goal is to keep your power bank as efficient as possible - use the short cables. 6-inches or 12-inches cables (respectively 15 centimeters or 30 centimeters) should be enough in most of the cases. Anything longer will increase resistance and decrease efficiency.

Don’t Drop Your Power Bank

It is obvious but worth highlighting - avoiding dropping your power bank, especially on hard surfaces such as bricks or tarmac. Any significant dropping might permanently damage the fragile component of a device.

If you tend to drop things from your hands, consider buying a rugged power bank or a specially designed case for your power bank.

Buy Only from a Reputable Brands with Great Customer Service

There are hundreds of power banks in the market. It only requires a few clicks to buy or go to the nearest shop. However, the question is: which brand is reputable or provides possibly the best products, along with excellent customer service. It is the main reason this website exists - to guide you through all brands and show you the best ones. If you come across brands such as Anker or RAVPower - you can be sure of their quality.

Avoid Using Quick Charge Option

I know you want your device to get charged quickly. And if a situation requires a rush - go ahead. However, you are not in a hurry, don’t use the Quick Charge feature.

Quick Charge increases the temperature and stress on the battery cells. It depletes your power bank’s lifespan.

To Sum Up

The mentioned tips will ensure that your power banks will last for years. They don’t require a significant effort from you, can save your money, and keep your devices in good condition.